Frequently Asked Questions:
This section provides answers to many common questions regarding GlassMate.

Q: I have LYNX in my Account ID drop down. How do I add Safelite (or any other account not listed)?

    A: The Account ID drop down refers to EDI partners. Mitchell Glass customer service can assist you in adding new EDI partners. To see a list of active EDI partners, click on the communications menu, and then perform EDI. Active partners will be on the left, inactive will be on the right. TO contact our Customer Service please call 1-800-551-4012 Option 1.
Q: My state tax has changed, how do I change it in GlassMate?

    A: You can quickly change you Tax Profile in GlassMate to match your needs. Click on the "System Info" menu, and then choose "Tax Profiles". Highlight the one that needs to be edited, and click "Modify". Double click on the Tax Rate to update it. Once you perform the update, your tax rate should be changed automatically.
Q: The vehicle I'm working on has less than 17 digits, how do I decode this VIN?

    A: Glassmate will not allow VINs for vehicles prior to 1981. The vehicle needs to be added as a "User-Defined" vehicle. To accomplish this task, on the "Quote Tab" click the "User Def" button and simply fill out all the required fields.

    NOTE: You will need prior approval from your EDI partner to use a User-Defined vehicle or part before submitting this invoice. Submitting a User-Defined vehicle or part without prior authorization will result in a rejected invoice, and a possible charge for manual processing.

Q: For doing EDI, what are the required fields I have to fill in?

    A: The following information is required by most EDI providers:
  • Name
  • Address
  • City/State/Zip Code
  • Home Phone
  • Check the "Customer Signature on File" box under the "Customer" tab
  • Create Date
Q: How do I add other employees?

    A: Adding new employees for modifying existing employees' information is very intuitive. Under the "System Info" menu, choose the "Employee Management" option. Click on the "Add" button to add new employees to the system or select an existing employee and click on "Modify" to change their information.

    NOTE: By default, the GlassMate login is bypassed by default. To enable it, uncheck the "Bypass login procedure" option.

Q: Can I use my distributor's pricing? How can I import them?

    A: Yes. To import the pricing file, click on the parts ordering menu, and select the 'Import Price File' option. This will import the CSV formatted pricing file that you have obtained from your distributor into Glassmate.
Q: I was authorized to bill for a molding not listed in the hardware section, how do I add this part?

    A: You will need to add this as a User-Defined part in the quote lines. To do this, click to the "Quote Tab", and at the bottom, right click and choose "Add User Defined Part". The authorization you received from your EDI partner will guide you as to what information to enter for the User-Defined part, like the part number, list, and quantity. Be sure to enter the information provided EXACTLY as it appears on the authorization.
Q: What fields are mandatory in the Policy Information section?

    A: This may vary by EDI partner, but usually just the Claim number, Policy number, and deductible amount are required. Some may also require the Loss information section to be filled out.